The oldest organic farm in North Wales

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Bryn Cocyn is a small, upland mixed farm in the shelter of Moel Fodiar, looking out into the Vale of Clwyd.  

The land is strong, fertile clay, which allows us to grow organic crops of oats and legumes for winter feed.

Bryn Cocyn is Joyce’s family farm and was registered with the Soil Association for Organic conversion in 1989. We are also tenants on some nearby hill land, which we have farmed organically since 1978.

We produce beef, lamb, vegetables and apples.

Farmers’ Markets have been both a lifeline and a pleasure to us and have been the catalyst, which has changed our farming practice towards the more balanced, mixed system we have always wanted.

A recent venture has been the planting of nearly two acres of apples as a part of the North East Wales Orchards Initiative.  This season they’ve yielded the first small crops.  Soon, we hope to be selling both old and new varieties and also fruit juice and cider perhaps.  The snowy apple trees in the picture are Merton Beauty and Egremont Russets, part of a small orchard planted twenty years ago in Bryn Cocyn’s garden.

Another new interest is vegetable growing. We hope this may be a pattern for sustainable agriculture: growing fruit, vegetables and cereals on the good land and allowing the poorer land to yield what it does best naturally!

We believe that a high-yielding, efficient agriculture is essential to match Earth’s populations, but only to the extent that the land, her laws of use-and-return and shrinking fossil and mineral resources can sustain!  Bon Apetite!

Fferm fechan ar dir uwch yn lloches Foel Fodiar, sy’n edrych dros Ddyffryn Clwyd yw Bryn Cocyn.

Mae’r tir yn gleiog, sy’n caniatau i ni dyfu cnydau organig fel ceirch ar gyfer porthiant gaeaf.

Rydym hefyd yn rhentu tir sy’n cael ei ffermio i annog amrywiaeth o laswellt brodorol a llysiau. Buom yn ffermio yn organig ers 1978.

Fferm deuluol Joyce yw Bryn Cocyn, ac fe’i cofrestrwyd gyda’r Soil Association yn 1989.

Gobeithiwn y bydd hyn yn batrwm amaethyddol cynaladwy: gan ddefnyddio’r mathau diweddaraf o ydau, glaswellt  a chlofer ar y tir da a chaniatau i’r tir salach gynchyrchu’r hyn mae’n ei wneud orau yn naturiol.

Credwn fod amaethyddiaeth sy’n cynhyrchu cnydau mawr, effeithlon yn hanfodol i gyd-fynd a phoblogaeth y byd cyn belled ag y gall y tir a’i gyfreithiau ei gynnal.

Bon Appetite!

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